Welcome to Opportunity Associates, Inc.

We find the erroneous telecom taxes and fees that others miss.

We focus on just one thing, identifying and rectifying telecommunications taxes, surcharges, and regulatory fees on telecom bills.

Welcome to Opportunity Associates, Inc.

Welcome to Opportunity Associates, Inc.

We focus on just one thing, identifying and rectifying erroneous telecommunications taxes, surcharges, and regulatory fees on telecom bills. Our highly specialized telecom tax recovery team – composed of individuals with expertise in accounting, tax law, and telecommunications – identifies cost reductions, investigates over-billings, and champions successful resolution practices that result in substantial credits, refunds and savings.


We have retrieved money for 100% of our clients.

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Erroneous telecom tax reduction for the world's largest telecom spenders

Our typical engagement with a Fortune 100 company nets (post contingency fees) the client $3MM over three years.



1) Data Accessing

Obtain user credentials from client to access in‐scope wireline telecom vendor(s) online billing platforms (e.g. AT&T BusinessDirect, Verizon Enterprise Center, CenturyLink Control Center)

2) Data Accessing Data Gathering

Generate sampling of reports from each telecom vendor(s) online billing platform

3) Data Compilation and Analysis

Compile reports and begin in‐depth analysis of telecom taxes/fees/surcharges

4) Opportunity Summarization

Summarize quantified telecom tax/fee/surcharge reduction opportunities (e.g. prospective savings and/or credit/refund projections)

5) Opportunity Presentation

Present quantified telecom tax reduction opportunities to applicable client representatives via e‐mail

6) Opportunity Discussion & Assessment

Discuss telecom tax reduction opportunities via conference call and assess which opportunity(ies) client wants to pursue

7) Dispute/Refund Claim Compilation

Compile draft disputes or refund claims and submit to client for comment or approval

8) Dispute/Refund Claim Submission

Submit dispute/claims to telecom vendors/taxing authorities and obtain applicable tracking information (e.g. tracking, dispute numbers, refund claim numbers)

9) Dispute/Refund Claim Shepherding

Ensure that telecom vendors/tax authorities have the necessary data to effectively analyze, suppress, approve and credit or refund erroneous taxes/fees/surcharges

10) Tax/Fee/Surcharge Suppression Validation

Validate that erroneous taxes/fees/surcharges have been suppressed by telecom vendor(s)

11) Credit/Refund Validation

Present client with credit/refund memos and validate credits/refund on invoices/refund checks

12) Validated Savings Analyses

Aggregate telecom taxes/fees/surcharges and provide client with savings analyses (monthly, quarterly, bi‐annually, depending on terms of client engagement)

13) Ongoing Monitoring

Ensure that suppressed taxes/fees/surcharges stay suppressed for term of client engagement

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“Eliminated sales taxes entirely after properly sourcing the services. Average savings: $25k/mo. Credit Received $1.1.MM”

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